The Scroll of Atankharzim

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Status: Part I released

Release Date: September 21, 2017

Mods Included: Various


  • Sesquipedalian - Project Creator, Story Writer, FREDder, Interface Artist
  • Goober5000 - Project Leader, FREDder, Story Writer, Programmer
  • GalacticEmperor - Modeller, Texture Artist, Interface Artist, Cutscene Artist
  • Macielos - FREDder
  • MjnMixael - CBAni Artist, Texture Artist, Interface Artist
  • PVD_Hope - FREDder, Odd-jobber
  • Yarn - FREDder

Staff Emeritus:

  • Admiral Nelson - FREDder, Assistant Producer
  • aldo_14 - Modeller
  • Cuttenslice - FREDder
  • Lt.D - FREDder
  • nuclear1 - FREDder
  • phreak - FREDder, Programmer
  • pyro-manic - FREDder
  • Tantalus53 - FREDder
  • TopAce - FREDder

Campaign Description

A Vasudan campaign set eleven years after the destruction of Capella, The Scroll of Atankharzim offers a rich and dynamic gaming experience. A fantastic storyline weaves together elements from the highest examples of myth and epic with the science fiction adrenaline of FreeSpace 2.

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