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About ME

This user has been editing FreeSpace Wiki for a year.

Hey. I'm See Dunsheng Bryan, although you can call me as Bryan See. I'm a member of the HLP forums since March 2009 and a new wiki member on here, primarily as a result of being among the first to really get involved in this incarnation. I did a lot of the first contributions on the wiki like many other newbies. I'm the project leader and primary FREDder for FreeSpace: Reunited, a radically different concept from NFSRacer and Soren; my FREDding traces back as far as 2000 when I got a retail version of FRED2 (which has a lot of bugs than the latest FRED2_Open).

(More or less copied from Black Wolf)

My Work

On FreeSpace Wiki

Some clean up.


  • FreeSpace: Reunited: This mod aims at merging the universe of FreeSpace with the one of BattleStar Galactica; the latter set more than 150,000 years before the FreeSpace games (and its associated mods and campaigns) take place.


Icon Descriptions

The following icons are used throughout this page to describe various aspects of the mods in question.

UMS-WH.png - HTL or High Poly model
UMS-WU.png - UV Mapped model (Does not use tile maps)
UMS-WN.png - Normal Mapped
UMS-BC.png - Cockpit
UMS-RI.png - Incomplete (Pof errors, Lacks a table file, etc.)

Please note - the addition of icons is an ongoing process as of July 2012, and all ships may not yet be accurately tagged.

Copied from User-made Ships.

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