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All information related to the GTDr Amazon Adv. VIII is non-canon.
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The GTDr Amazon Adv. Model VIII is a Fenris reskin designed as a Post-Capella anti-capital training drone. With marginally better reaction times and maneuverability compared to the original, the Fenris automation allows it to linger far longer than a Terran crew in remote places with little to no logistics. With severe loss of life from the NTF Rebellion and Shivan Invasion, the GTVA requires even its outdated and decommissioned ships for local security.

GTDr Amazon Advanced Model VIII.


Tech Room Description

Project Mannequin was a Post-Capella attempt to maintain civil security after incredible losses during the NTF Rebellion and the Second Shivan Incursion. The Fenris cruiser was the first ship converted and tested, proving itself as reliable and more responsive than its original Terran crew. With other aging ships being converted under the Surplus Autonomy Initiative, some Fenris drones have been repurposed for anti-ship training missions as the Amazon Advanced Model VIII.


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$POF File: AmazonAdvVIII
Credits: VA / Hades / Nyctaeus (Media VPs GTC Fenris)
Texture: Nyctaeus, modification by Muninn_Crow (GTDR Amazon Adv. VIII)



Name GTDr Amazon Adv. VIII
Type Cruiser
Manufacturer Chelm Robotics
Max Velocity 20 ms-1
Hitpoints 10 000 pts
Length 253 m
Turrets 9 turrets


FreeSpace 2
Turret Type Amount
Terran Turret 5
Fusion Mortar 1
Anti-Fighter Beam 2
Light Terran Slashing Beam 1

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