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This table is not used by FreeSpace Open

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The launchhelp.tbl is the help file for using the retail FreeSpace2 Launcher.

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General Info

  • This table is not used with FSO.
  • Defines the various text strings used in the retail Freespace Launcher.


  • Table consists of several XSTR sections.
  • Table ends with $End
  • Must be less than 10240 characters total.


  • Each section must be less than 2048 characters.
  • Syntax: XSTR("string")


  • Retail FreeSpace 2 table
; This needs to be broken up into chunks of < 2048 chars for
; parsing reasons.  The whole thing must be < 10240 chars, also
; for parsing reasons.

                                      The FreeSpace 2 Launcher

The Launcher's buttons enable you to set up and play FreeSpace 2,
customize your hardware settings, get updated versions of the game,
and access the FreeSpace 2 web pages at Volition, Inc.
Here's what each button does:

  Click this button to launch FreeSpace 2.

  Under Setup, you'll see tabs for Video, Audio, Joystick, Speed,
Network, DirectX, and Misc.
", -1)

  * Video - You must have a 3D Accelerator card to play FreeSpace 2.
You can choose to have FreeSpace 2 detect Glide only, D3D only, or both
by selecting the proper checkboxes, then clicking on the 'Detect
Available Cards' button.
     - 'Interlaced Cutscenes' - When displaying ingame movies, draws
every other line (interlaced mode) so that slower video cards have an
easier time.
     - 'Fast Clear for Cutscenes' - Speeds up movie playback by not
clearing the background buffer when a new frame is being rendered.
     - 'Fast D3D Textures' - Improves your video and gameplay
performance, but at a cost to the visual quality of FreeSpace 2. Enable
fast D3D textures *only* if you are experiencing severe slowdown during
     - WFOG is a Direct3D-only option. 'Force WFOG' makes the D3D card
use WFOG (table-based rather than vertex-based fog) if available. Some
cards don't do WFOG properly (the S4, for example), so vertex fog is
used by default. Use this setting only for experimentation purposes.
     - 'Disable Direct3D Zbuffer Bias' - If you are a Direct3D user and are
experiencing strange rendering problems with squadron logos (specifically,
the logos rendering on top of everything else), checking this box should
resolve the problem.

  * Audio - FreeSpace 2 supports DirectSound, A3D, and EAX. You can
choose one of these by clicking on 'Detect Available Sound Cards' and
when selecting from the dropdown box. You can enable Launcher sounds
from here as well.
", -1)

  * Joystick - Enables you to set up or change the joystick used by
FreeSpace 2. Also lets you toggle Force Feedback support on or off (any
joystick supporting DirectX 6.0 force feedback may be used).

  * Speed - This setting determines the default Detail Level used in
FreeSpace 2 when new pilots are created. You may manually change this
default if you wish, but it may adversely affect your gameplay speed.

  * Network - Here you choose your connection type and speed for
multiplayer games. If playing on Volition's free PXO service, you can
enter your login name and password. The 'Force Local Port' option
enables the user to run a local copy of the game on a different network
port than the default (which is 7808). The 'PXO Banners' checkbox
enables banner displays while you're in PXO.

  * DirectX - On this tab you can check your DirectX version and choose
to install or update DirectX on your machine.

  * Misc. - On this tab, you choose the language (written and spoken)
in which all game text and messages appear. The 'Optional Command Line'
box enables the user to specify a set of command-line switches that are
passed to the game at startup. See the readme.txt file for available
", -1)

  Opens the readme.txt file for FreeSpace 2.

  This button enables you to see if a new version of FreeSpace 2 is
available for downloading. If one is available, you can choose to
update your version by clicking on OK. The process is automated.

  This opens a Help document containing information about the Launcher

  Uninstalls FreeSpace 2 from your computer.

  Closes the Launcher without running FreeSpace 2.

  This takes you to Volition's Internet home page.

  This takes you to the Internet home page for Parallax Online, a free
multiplayer service for Volition and Outrage games.

", -1)