...But Hate the Traitor

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Fighter squadron: 134th Barracudas
Description: You will help the NTF with a raid on GTVA cargo depot.


Snipes has been reassigned, and now you have no SOC contact. What's worse: you have been recognised as a traitor.


As the mission begins, you are presented with a small cargo depot. Stop your engines and do not attack. The sentry guns can inflict damage on the NTF fighters, which will come in handy later. If you want, you can go for the cargo kills, but that will prove difficult, because the sentries use Morningstars and push you back, hard.

Once the depot is out, you may kill your wingmen (the "No Traitor" flag is set), but that's only for bums. Play the mission like your're supposed to and wait around after the depot is destroyed. Inexplicably, an Elysium filled with "civillians" will jump in. You will be given orders to destroy it. Do not follow these orders. If you do, you'll face a court martial after the mission for violating BETAC and your wingmen will turn on you anyway.

The other ships of your wing will attack eventually. If you don't want to simply run away until the SOC arrives, you can park yourself directly behind the other ships of your wing so you can tear them to shreds with minimum effort once they go hostile. The Elysium skitters out of the area while you defeat your wingmates.

Unfortunately, to make matters worse, it seems your jump drive has been haxx0red by the NTF. And more NTF fighters arrive. Several Erinyes will arrive to help you out, and they can take care of the hostiles themselves (this is a self-playing mission). After the NTF fighters and an Aeolus are taken out, Command will transmit an override signal to get your subspace drives back online, presumably waiting until now for security reasons.

Played "fairly", this is a pure dogfight mission, and your goal is simply to be the last man standing. If you're good with a Myrmidon, you're golden and this will be simple.

You will receive no information on Snipes after the mission.

Notable ships present

  • NTC Saharan