...But Hate the Traitor

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Fighter squadron: 185th fighter squadron

Description: Alpha 1 and the 185th attack a GTVA cargo depot.


Lieutenant-Commander Christopher Snipes has been reassigned, his replacement being Lieutenant-Commander Jack Niven until further notice. The Neo-Terran Front has discovered a Terran supply depot and has deployed wings from the 185th to destroy the depot and patrol the surrounding area for hostile ships.


As the mission begins, you are presented with a small cargo depot. Stop your engines and do not attack. The sentry guns can inflict damage on your wingmen, which will come in handy later. If you want, you can go for the cargo kills, but that will prove difficult, because the sentries are equipped with kinetic weapons.

Once the depot is out, wait for a little while. Eventually, a Elysium-class transport, filled with civilians, will jump in and Alpha 2, Jack Niven, will give you orders to destroy it. Do not follow these orders. If you do, you'll face a court martial after the mission for violating BETAC and your wingmen will turn on you anyway.

The other ships of your wing will attack eventually. You must destroy them in order to continue the mission. An easy way to do this is to park yourself directly behind the other ships of your wing so you can tear them to shreds with minimum effort once they go hostile. The Elysium skitters out of the area while you kill your wingmen. You will not be allowed to engage your jump drives immediately, as your fighter does not have the authorization codes.

Shortly after you eliminate all your wingmen, the Saharan, an Aeolus-class cruiser will jump in near you. Take evasive action to avoid its beams. After the first beam salvo, many NTF fighters will jump in to engage you, but almost immediately upon their arrival, several Erinyes-class fighters from the SOC will jump in and engage the NTF fighters and cruiser. At this point, you can sit back and watch as the SOC fighters completely overwhelm the enemy fighters and cruiser before departing. As they do, Allied Command will transmit the authorization codes to get your subspace drives back online so that you can return to base and complete the mission.

Played fairly, this is a pure dogfight mission, and your goal is simply to be the last man standing. If you're good with a Myrmidon, you're golden and this will be simple.

You will receive no information on Snipes after the mission.


  • This is a "No Traitor" mission, so you can start killing your wingmen even before they turn on you.
  • If you feel like wanting the majority of your team-mates dying by the turrets, basically restart the mission as many times as you need and use time compression until you get the satisfying result. This may be time-consuming and can require patience.


  • The Saharan is designated "NTFC" (as opposed to NTC), a possible spelling error on the mission designer's part.

Name Origin

"Love the treason, but hate the traitor" is a maxim by Julius Caesar. The mission that precedes "...But Hate the Traitor" is called, in fact, "Love the Treason...".

Total number of forces

Forces involved
  • 12 GTSG Alastor
    • Alastor 1 through 5, Alastor 7, Alastor 9 and 10, Alastor 12 and 13, Alastor 14, Alastor 16
  • 6 TTC 1
    • TTC 1
      • Cargo: Electronics
    • TTC 2
      • Cargo: Electronics
    • TTC 3
    • TTC 4
      • Cargo: Electronics
    • TTC 5
      • Cargo: Scrap Metal
    • TTC 6
      • Cargo: Subach HL-7
  • 4 TAC 1
    • TAC 1
      • Cargo: Food
    • TAC 2
      • Cargo: Medical Supplies
    • TAC 3
      • Cargo: Food
    • TAC 4
      • Cargo: Medical Supplies
  • 11 GTF Erinyes
    • Skull Alpha (4)
    • Skull Beta (3)
    • Skull Gamma (4)
  • 12 GTSG Alastor
    • Alastor 1 through 5, Alastor 7, Alastor 9 and 10, Alastor 12 and 13, Alastor 14, Alastor 16

  • 0-11 GTF Erinyes
    • Skull Alpha (4)
    • Skull Beta (3)
    • Skull Gamma (4)

Technical information

...But Hate the Traitor
File name: loop1-3.fs2
File size: 56.4 KB
Author: Jim Boone
Total number of objects: 49 (+1 waypoint)
Total number of wings: 7
Number of mission events: 38
Number of messages: 13
Event music: 7: Revelation
Briefing music: None