...With Vast Seas

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Fighter squadron: 222nd Nightwolves

Description: Commander Samuel Bei and his wing jump to the coordinates given to them by the GTD Orestes.


Bei, Corey and Taylor are given a set of jump coordinates that will put them in Earth orbit. Upon their arrival, they are to follow a set of patrol waypoints and report any findings back to the GTD Orestes.


As soon as you start this mission, you are greeted with the sight of ... a scorched planet?

Corey's scan of the planet's surface confirms Taylor's worst fear; this is Earth, all right. A further scan of the planet's surface by you indicates that Earth was completely bombarded from orbit, and that there's nothing left. As you transmit your sensor logs to the GTD Orestes and receive an order to resume following the pre-assigned waypoints given to your wing, Corey calibrates his sensors to search for debris. You and Taylor do the same.

Upon reaching the first waypoint, Corey announces that his sensors have picked up a faint energy signature ten kilometres away. Moments later, your radar shows the same thing—an untargetable purple blip. Point your ship in the direction of that blip and head towards it. Once you get to within 1000 metres of the object, your sensors identify it as a Hermes-class escape pod. Do not destroy it.

You report your finding to the Orestes, who dispatch an Elysium transport to pick it up. Once the transport docks with the escape pod and leave the area, you can return to base.


  • If the ruined Earth is not present in the background, or if weapon shots do not appear, please ensure the MediaVPs are installed and there is a mod.ini enabling their use with Blue Planet.
  • Because of their emotional content, many of the lines in this mission were used in auditions for the roles of Sam, Corey and Taylor.

Total number of forces

Forces involved

  • 3 GTF Aurora
    • Alpha 1
      • Bei
    • Alpha 2
      • Corey
    • Alpha 3
      • Taylor
  • None
  • None
  • None