134th Barracudas

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Squadron type: Combat evaluation unit
Craft used the most: GTF Perseus
Stationed on-board: GTD Aquitaine
Squadron leader: Commander Vincey


The 134th Barracudas squadron, being an evaluation unit, tests weapons and reports their efficiency to superiors, often subjectively. When the NTF forces were withdrawing from Polaris and Regulus, the Barracudas squadron was assigned to the nebular theater to test the new Target Acquisition and Guidance missiles and the Pegasus-class stealth fighter.

The Barracudas faced some Shivan resistance while escorting the convoy which was carrying the prototypes. The convoy ships suffered no casualties and the test could commence as planned. The pilots who were assigned to test the TAG-A missiles soon faced a horde of Shivan fighters, and were outnumbered and outgunned. With the assistance of the GTCv Warspite and arriving reinforcements, the pilots survived the engagement.

The next step was to test the Pegasus fighter which also did not proceed exactly as planned. The GTD Aquitaine was ordered to withdrawn and pilots from the Barracudas escorted the destroyer until she made it back to jump node to Gamma Draconis.