99th Skulls

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General info

Squadron type: Elite Space Superiority
Craft used the most: GTF Erinyes
Stationed on-board: Unknown
Squadron leader: Lt. Commander Snipes (?)


The 99th Skulls were an elite fighter squadron during the Second Shivan Incursion. Among the first squadrons to among the first squadrons to be armed with the GTF Erinyes and the UD-8 Kayser primary weapons, they appeared solely in two missions during the FreeSpace 2 campaign.

Quite certainly one of the best squadrons in the GTVA, the 99th is home to some of the top pilots in the GTVA, including Christopher Snipes, Xinny, Zero, and Alpha 1. The Skulls participated in many high-risk SOC Missions, such as in Love the Treason..., ...But Hate the Traitor, As Lightning Fall, and Into the Lion's Den. Alpha 1 led a strike wing of SOC pilots in the rescue of Snipes in the NTT Grall.

It is uncertain whether or not Snipes is the 99th Skulls' squadron commander, although the fact that he led the wing of 99th Skulls in Into the Lion's Den suggests evidence for this.

Misc notes

The craft of this squadron were designated as Skull Alpha and Skull Beta in one of the FreeSpace 2 missions.