9th Fleet

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(Note: The cureent storyline is in French. It would be appreciated if a native speaker of French is available to tranlate the following text into English)

Chapter 1: Testing on the GTD Zeus takes place. In the meantime, they also discover a Knossos. They also uncover an SD Lucifer (called SD Belzebuth). Allied forces have managed to capture the Belzebuth. They also discovered the TSF and the TSD Apocalypse.

Phase 2 branche GTVA: destruction de la flote TSF (Battle of Endor Syndrome ) Destruction du TSD Archangel Capture du TSD Apocalypseexploration du Knossos et decouverte de deux autre Knossos Battaille des Knossos ( re-Battle of Endor Syndrome) Exploration des dispositif Knossos et Perte de GTD Zeus

Phase 2 branche TSF: Attaque de la GTI S.R.I. guerre contre le GTVA Destruction du GTD Loraine destruction du GTD Zeus Riposte de GTVA Exode vers Knossos Riposte shivienne

New Weapons


GTW Subach MG-8 (MG-9, MG-10)
A Gatling gun with a high rate of fire (100 per second) but with limited ammunition.

GTB Cyclope SSM
A subspace artillery bomb.

GTM Cyclone Anti-crusier rocket.


A beam cannon for fighter


A Shivan beam cannon that can be mounted on a fighter. (Same as the BMekhu, but red)

Shivan Mega Flak
All in the name.

Shivan SSM
A Shivan anti-fighter subspace missile.

Shivan Rockeye
A Shivan corkscrew Rockeye.

New Ships


GTF Myrmidon G
A Table hack of GTF Myrmidon, made for support. Can only be armed with Gatling guns.


SS Krishna
Shivan support ship. (I don't know the way to make it, but I'm currently researching on how to make one)

This article requires proofreading by native speakers of English