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All information related to the AC Malia is non-canon.
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The AC Malia is a user-made Ancient warship. The original model was made by the Inferno team, but later the ship was scrapped and the model was handed over to the Ancient-Shivan War team. For the 3.6.12 release of the Ancient-Shivan War, the model has gone through a major update. Although it was originally a cruiser, it is used as a heavy AWACS vessel in the Ancient-Shivan War.

The AC Malia.


Ancient-Shivan War Tech Room Description

Envisioned within the same generation as the Minos, the Malia is one of the more relatively newer types of cruisers enforcing the might of the Empire. It is equipped with a very powerful sensor suite and the latest in communications technology, and as such, it is a great aid when fighting under difficult circumstances. Outside of combat, Malia cruisers are serving as mobile laboratories for our scientific minds and engineers. While the Malia may not be found on the frontlines as we wage crusades against our foes, it has found its place extending the reach of our battlegroups or paving the way for the future of the Empire.

Developer Notes

The name "Malia" was chosen by the Inferno team, and kept by the ASW team for convenience. Don't confuse it with the original Malia.



Statistics (Ancient-Shivan War)

Type Heavy AWACS
Max Velocity 30 m/s
Hitpoints 20000
Width 251 m
Height 208 m
Length 493 m


Ancient-Shivan War
Turret Type Amount
Ancient Medium Turret 3
Ancient Light Turret 6
Pharnec 8
Wrath Missile 4

Veteran Comments

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