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These are ASCII text files that can be opened in any pure ASCII editor, like Notepad or Wordpad. Avoid saving them in word processors such as Microsoft Word, as the formatting information may screw the file up. Many FS data files, such as tables, FS1 or FS2 missions, and campaigns can be read as TXT files.

FreeSpace player file formats



FreeSpace mission file formats


Files with FS2 extension are mission files for FreeSpace 2. Can be opened with the proper version of FRED or any text viewer.

See FS2 Mission File Format


The FreeSpace 1 mission file format. Almost identical to FS2 mission files used by FreeSpace 2, although the FS2 format has several additional features as well as some minor differences in syntax. .FSM files can be loaded by FreeSpace 2, although .FS2 files cannot be loaded by FreeSpace 1. Given that ship classes, briefing icons, head animations, and other nuances were updated or tweaked in FreeSpace 2, however, it is advisable to use the Import Mission feature in FRED2_Open rather than opening a .FSM file directly.

FreeSpace campaign file formats


Stores campaign information


Stores campaign progress information

Obsolete, replaced with CS2


Stores campaign scoring information

Obsolete, replaced with CS2

FreeSpace table file formats


Table file containing game data

See tables


Modular table file containing game data

See tables

Other ASCII or text file formats


Files containing information of effect animations

See multimedia files