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==Technical information==
==Technical information==
{{MissionInfo|sm2-10.fs2|83.6 KB|James Agay|48 (+11 waypoints)|9|66|46|1: Genesis|Brief4}}
{{MissionInfo|sm2-10.fs2|83.6 KB|James Agay|48 (+11 waypoints)|9|66|46|1: Genesis|Brief4}}
[[Category:Main FreeSpace 2 Campaign]]
[[Category:Main FreeSpace 2 Campaign]]

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Fighter squadron: 203rd Scorpions

Description: The 203rd and GVCv Renenet are to oversee the destruction of the Knossos Device.


The GVCv Renenet and Alpha wing of the 203rd will oversee the deployment of several TC-Meson Bombs that will destroy the Knossos portal in an attempt to prevent the Shivans from reaching allied space.


A recommended loadout for this mission is the GVF Serapis armed with dual Prometheus S and two banks of Harpoons.

You begin with the Renenet, a Sobek-class corvette, jumping in and few Shivan fighters flying around the Knossos. They do not engage, so Command orders you to lure them to the Renenet. Now, you have two choices. You can:

  1. Tell Alpha to guard the Renenet, and lure them yourself.
  2. You can order them to engage the enemy or cover you and destroy the fighters.

After the fighters have been destroyed, Lambda 1 jumps in with the first Meson Bomb. Some dialogue follows as Lambda 1 places the bomb before jumping out. When the bomb is about to detonate, twelve Dragon fighters jump in. Don't worry; most, if not all of them, will be destroyed by the explosion from the Meson Bomb.

The Knossos remains, so Command sends Lambdas 2 and 3 in with the remaining Meson Bombs. Some Maras will jump in near the Renenet to challenge you. Destroy them, as well as any other fighters that approach the corvette. Once the freighters have placed the Meson Bombs in position and jump out, the Renenet activates the bombs' remote-destruct sequence, and the portal is destroyed.

Despite the portal's destruction, the SJ Sathanas jumps in, as the Knossos had stabilized the jump node to the extent that it could not be immediately collapsed. Get out of there and return to base.


  • On higher difficulty levels, it is almost impossible to handle 6 Astaroths and several waves of Maras on your own. Either lure the enemy fighters to the Renenet's flak and do evasive rolls for five minutes straight while the fighters are picked off, or use a bait-and-trap strategy (like in The Roman's Blunder) to make the hostiles run into your wingmen while mindlessly chasing you. This one should be nothing special on Medium difficulty or below, however.
  • This is the only mission in FreeSpace 2 where you are given the option to fly the GVF Ptah (in A Monster in the Mist, there is no option as the Ptah is the only available ship).
  • Epsilon wing will arrive at about the time when Lambda 2 undocks with its Meson Bomb.

Notable ships present

Technical information

A Flaming Sword
File name: sm2-10.fs2
File size: 83.6 KB
Author: James Agay
Total number of objects: 48 (+11 waypoints)
Total number of wings: 9
Number of mission events: 66
Number of messages: 46
Event music: 1: Genesis
Briefing music: Brief4