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* After completing this mission, you are promoted to Warrior.
* After completing this mission, you are promoted to Warrior.
* A bonus objective is achieved if you destroy all of Hiver wing, launched from the ''Darkness''.
* Destroying ''Hiver'' wing is the bonus goal.
==Total number of forces==
==Total number of forces==

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Description: A new initiate to the ACa Akrotiri is sent on a mission to scan some Aesdherian ships.


The player's character is a young initiate assigned to join Fleetmaster Im'Halus aboard the ACa Akrotiri, an Akrotiri-class carrier, in the final days of the Ancients' campaign against the Aesdherians, a rapidly developing yet apparently technologically inferior species. The Core, the Ancients' ruling body, has declared that the Aesdherian war has lasted too long, and all enemies of the glorious Empire are to be exterminated. It is implied that the Core would have let the Aesdherians live had they proven themselves "worthy of existence".

The initiate must prove himself worthy for the rank of Warrior by gathering intelligence about hostile ships gathering to defend their homeworld. The initiate is to scan three Aesdherian Claw-class cruisers to determine their unique weapon configuration. There is also a Crown-class destroyer, the Adamantium, in the area; however, her armour is too thick to scan through. Two veterans are assigned to be Aleph 1 and Aleph 2, to cover the initiate as he completes his task.


This is a fairly easy mission. Approach the cruisers, and scan them, avoiding their guns if possible. After the second cruiser is completed, a Sword-class carrier, the AdCa Darkness, jumps in. Scan it too, but be careful of the fighters launched from her bay. After you scan the carrier, some more Aesdherian reinforcements jump in some 30 km away. After they jump in, you may return to base.


  • After completing this mission, you are promoted to Warrior.
  • Destroying Hiver wing is the bonus goal.

Total number of forces

Forces involved
  • 5 AdC Claw
    • Banshee
    • Kelpie
    • Wight
    • Phantom
    • Spectre
  • 20 AdF Dart
    • Hiver (8)
    • Fury (6)
    • Ravener (6)