A Legacy Begins

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Description: In which the player scans some Aesdherian ships.


The nameless player character is a young initiate assigned to join Fleetmaster Im'Halus on board the Ancient carrier Akrotiri in the final days of the campaign against the Aesdherians, a rapidly developing yet apparently technologically inferior species. The Core, the Ancients' ruling body, has declared that the Aesdherian war has lasted too long, and all enemies of the glorious Empire is to be exterminated. It is implied that the Core would have left the Aesdherians live had they proven themselves "worthy of existence."

The player must prove himself worthy for the rank of Warrior by gathering intelligence about hostile ships gathering to defend their homeworld. After analyzing three Claw-class cruisers and a carrier, a more substantial force emerges from subspace. The scout force is permitted to return to the Akrotiri. The initiate is promoted for successfully completing the mission.



This mission grants you a promotion on completion.

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