Acceptable Losses

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Alpha Wing has been deployed to deal with a few pirates and rescue a civilian transport until it can depart.


Your available forces are one wing of either the Perseus or Myrmidon. Have at least one bank of each fighters an Akheton SDG.

When you deploy, each member of your wing will disable one member of Gold Wing (each flying a Perseus). After they are disabled, a bunch of Artemis bombers will come in. Destroy them.

After a while, a cargo transport far away will fall under attack. Don't try to save them, they are meant to die.

Then a lot of Nahemas and Maras will fly in the scene. Kill them all. Midway through the engagement, Delta Wing (of three Hercules Mark Twos) will come in and assist.

A few minutes later, Gold Wing will be hauled out by Hauler Wing, then after the civilian transport takes off, you can leave too.