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===Celestial Information===
===Celestial Information===
*''Distance from Sol:'' 16.77 lyrs, 5.143 par
*''Distance from Sol:'' 16.774 ly, 5.143 pc
*''Type of System:'' Singular
*''Type of System:'' Singular
*''Color:'' A7-White Main Sequence
*''Spectral Class:'' A7-White Main Sequence
*''Right Ascension:'' 19h 50m 47.002s
*''Right Ascension:'' 19h 50m 46.999s
*''Declination:'' +8° 52' 6.03"
*''Declination:'' +52' 5.959"
===Known Planets===
===Known Planets===

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Celestial Information

  • Distance from Sol: 16.774 ly, 5.143 pc
  • Type of System: Singular
  • Spectral Class: A7-White Main Sequence
  • Right Ascension: 19h 50m 46.999s
  • Declination: +8° 52' 5.959"

Known Planets

Important Events

  • 2335: Fleeing the wrath of the Shivans, a group of Vasudans land on Altair and discover the remnants of an alien civilisation. Their investigations into the "Ancients", as they are later called, reveals information on how to track vessels into, and through, subspace.
  • 2367: Admiral Bosch uses Ancient artifacts from Altair and other systems to unlock the Knossos portal ilocated at Gamma Draconis.

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