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A science convoy is on their way to Tau Sigma station, Alpha Wing is called in to assist.


  • Available ships: Myrmidon, Hercules Mark Two.
  • Available weapons: HL-7, SDG, Morning Star, Prometheus R/S. Rockeye, Tempest, Hornet, Tornado, Harpoon.

From the story-immune Alpha Wing, only #4 will be part of your wing in this mission, #2 and #3 are fresh rookies.

Place everyone in Myrmidons and split the Tornado missiles amongst yourselves (you only have 80), and have at least the Prometheus S in the quad-bank (for one or two pilots, you should place a Morning Star in the dual bank). You're going to do some interception work, but frankly, you don't have the Perseus, so the Myrmidon's your best option. Bring a bank of Tempests while you're at it.

Initially, when you reach the convoy, you'll be found by a wing of hostile Perseus fighters (designated Green). Kill them. Then do your best to destroy any and all Artemis DH bombers that enter the field and kill some of the convoy. The Einstein will release two escape pods, have one fighter cover them.

After taking all the Artemis bombers is over, some hostile Myrmidon fighters will show up (designated Red). Kill them, and when the convoy reaches safe distance, you can return to base.