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Ancient-Shivan War is a mod for FreeSpace 2 Open that attempts to replicate the battles between the Shivans and the Ancients.


The Ancient-Shivan War takes place in the distant past, putting the player in the role of one of the many Ancients as they fight desperately, and ultimately futilely, to save their empire and home from the Shivans. The player will have the opportunity to pilot numerous Ancient ships as he takes part in their struggle for survival.

ASW Team

  • ShadowGorrath - Mod Leader, Tabling, Packaging, General Modder
  • Droid803 - FREDder, General Modder
  • FreeSpaceFreak - Effects, Planets, Mission backgrounds, other graphical stuff
  • FreeSpaceKing - Maps and UV Mapping
  • Stormkeeper - FREDder, Websites

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