And Stars Shall Fall

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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Description: The GTCV Escher and the GTD Valhalla attempt to capture the SC Tulzscha in the Phi Eridani system.


Due to a lack of significant intelligence gathered on the SD Nyarlathotep and SC Tulzscha, the GTD Valhalla had to call off her pre-emptive strike, instead re-committing to search and destroy operations in Phi Eridani. Their priority is to cripple the Shivans' supply network and stop them from gaining a foothold in the sector.

Meanwhile, the GTCV Escher has been following the SC Tulzscha, and has managed to find a signal from that craft near a supply depot.

Alpha and Beta Wings are assigned to escort the Escher and Valhalla as they attempt to disable and capture the Tulzscha...


Alpha Wing and the Escher will start off seven kilometers from the supply depot, with Beta Wing and the Valhalla coming in soon after. The Escher will attempt to fire against the Tulzscha twice and miss. The Valhalla will order both Wings to intercept the Tulzscha, but the cruiser and the supply depot's ships leave.

As they leave, two destroyers will come in and the Valhalla operator realizes way too late that they fell into a trap.

At this point, only the Escher will stay standing. Hold the fort against Basilisks, Manticores, Astaroths, Taurvis and Nephilims. When the Escher leaves, you will get the order to return to base.