Antipodes Commit Checklist

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This is a list of things to check before moving code from the Antipodes branch to Trunk, and who is in charge or capable of signing off on each item. We should have at least two members responsible for every task.

  • Verify that building succeeds on the following platforms (Release Engineering):
    • VS2008 (almost any SCP member/Zacam)
    • VC6 (Goober5000, chief1983)
    • Xcode 2.5 (Echelon9)
    • Xcode 3.2 (chief1983)
    • Linux with GCC 4.x (chief1983)
  • Verify builds run on the following, and interoperate properly with their respective launchers (HLP Bughunters):
    • Windows XP ()
    • Windows Vista ()
    • Windows 7 (chief1983/Zacam)
    • OS X 10.4 ()
    • OS X 10.5 PPC ()
    • OS X 10.5 Intel ()
    • OS X 10.6 (chief1983)
    • Linux ()
  • Verify standalone server functionality (FUBAR and MULTI)
  • Verify on Windows that FRED runs, loads, check some dialogs, and saves ()

This is in addition to any other testing specific to the changes being made, that should already be done. This is mostly to catch common oversights when a coder is focusing on one platform and may neglect others in the process.