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[[File:Archer tech model.png|400px|thumb|right|The Archer Tech Model.]]
{{shipimage|image=[[File:Archer tech model.png|400px]]|caption=The Archer}}
===Blue Planet Tech Room Description===
===Blue Planet Tech Room Description===

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

Archer tech model.png
The Archer


Blue Planet Tech Room Description

The SCWS-21 Archer is a long-range gauss cannon carried on the Uriel gunship's axial mount. The Archer excels in destroying specific subsystems on enemy warships far out of reach of their anti-fighter defenses. It is ill suited for dogfights, or for engaging maneuverable targets at distances. The standard ammunition loadout for this weapon is ineffective against shields and overpenetrates most hull armor, restricting it to the long-range anti-subsystem role.


A firing of the Archer from the UEF Uriel.


Range 3000 m
Rate of Fire 1.00 shots per second
Velocity 1500 ms-1
Base Damage 350
Armor Damage 1.0x 350
Shield Damage 0.25x 87.5
Subsystem Damage 1.0x 350


  • The weapon has limited ammunition (Ballistic).
  • The weapon has high recoil (Shudder).
  • The weapon can do terminal damage to capital ships (Huge).

Veteran Comments

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This is absolutely essential for downing enemy beam cannons and other subsystems at long range.

Pretty much a sniper against subsystems, this deals much more damage than the Scalpel, and may not have the single-shot power of a Paveway, but if you need to shoot the system at range and do it now, the Archer is perfectly acceptable. Call a support ship and reload before you need to de-fang. If you can't stand the shudder, you still get a high-accuracy shot in third-person mode.