Artemis Station

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Fighter squadron: N/A

Description: Galactic Terran forces are given a huge boost by the arrival of the GTD Atreus and Imperieuse and the balance of power is tilted to the GTVA. Jovian defenses fall and the Rim Fleet is pulverised. The remnants of the fleet are ordered to retreat to Mars, but some ships refuse the order and choose to stay at Europa to delay the GTVA advance.


It is 2386. Eighteen months have passed since the war between the GTVA and UEF began. As the Alliance begins pumping more and more resources into the war effort, the Federation, taking a defensive stance, begins to lose ground, and the Alliance finally starts to make headway into gaining a proper foothold in Sol. The first location on their list of targets: Planet Jupiter, the stronghold of the Jovian Rim Fleet and base of operations of the Federation Third Fleet, headed by the flagship UED Toutatis, under the command of Admiral Calder.

Anticipating anything but a cakewalk, the Alliance has deployed an additional fleet to assist Admiral Severanti, Commanding Officer of the incursion into Sol. This fleet consists mainly of the GTD Atreus, a Raynor-class destroyer and flagship of the fleet's Commanding Officer, Admiral Chiwetel Steele, a secondary warship, the Titan-class destroyer GTD Imperieuse, as well as the corvette trio known as Serkr Team. Steele's fleet will reinforce Severanti's, led by his flagship, the Hecate-class destroyer Meridian.

The deployment of this fleet has decisively shifted the balance of power in Sol to the GTVA for the first time in the war. Amassing his forces, Admiral Steele cleaved through the Rim Fleet's defences and secured most of Jupiter, forcing the Federation to issue an order for the Toutatis, Third Fleet, and all surviving members of the Rim Fleet to retreat. Artemis Station, in orbit around the Jupiter moon Europa, is one of the last few installations controlled by the Federation in the region to evacuate, but the Atreus and a detachment of its fleet now approaches striking distance. Some of the Rim Fleet's ships have defied the order to retreat and are now scrambling towards the station to hold off the Atreus long enough for Artemis Station to fully evacuate.


This mission is a cutscene.


  • Many ships in this mission are given names even though the player does not have any control over what happens. Some of them will make appearances throughout the rest of the campaign.
  • Almost all Allied warships in this mission have nameplates that do not match their in-mission designation. The only two exceptions to this are the Atreus and Marcus Glaive.
  • Early versions of this mission featured less dramatic camera placement.
  • All tech room entries related to War in Heaven are unlocked upon completion of this mission.

Total number of forces

Forces involved
  • 5 UEC Sanctus
    • Dea Nemetona
    • Dea Soucanna
    • Sabaragamuwa
    • St. Vincent
    • Suffron


  • 4 UEC Sanctus
    • Dea Nemetona (*)
    • Dea Soucanna (*)
    • Sabaragamuwa (*)
    • St. Vincent (*)

(*) Destroyed post-mission
(&) Captured by enemy forces post-mission