As Lightning Fall

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Fighter squadron: 99th Skulls

Description: SOC receives a distress call from Lieutenant-Commander Snipes, and Alpha 1 opts to participate in his recovery.


Special Operations Command has received a distress call from Snipes on board the NTT Grall, the Argo-class transport that was docked to the NTC Alexandria when the cruiser made the jump into the nebula prior to Endgame. The Grall is now incapacitated and stranded in a Shivan-infested region of the nebula. Alpha wing of the 99th Skulls has been inserted into a location near the coordinates given by Snipes and is ordered to retrieve him and any other survivors on board the Grall.


Welcome to EMP hell, pilot. Your ship will be electrocuted every few seconds, making your HUD go wonky and your target switch at random. As the briefing says, under these conditions aspect weaponry is not the most brilliant idea you've ever had, and as you might guess, this is very annoying. However, it is worthwhile to play this mission so that you can play the next one.

Follow the nav buoys as suggested. It is easy to get turned around during the periodic Shivan attacks as you do so; you will have to struggle with your targeting gear to get back on course, or have an excellent sense of direction. You will need to pay attention to the flashing grey blips, which can be hard to see in the nebula. Using the original 2D radar rather than the SCP's 3D version is highly recommended.

Once you reach the transport, spend a short while struggling to issue a C-3-9, then dogfight it with the Shivans that attack. Ordering the fighters to defend the Argo doesn't work as well, since they engage at too short a range to prevent hostile fighters from getting off a few shots.

For this mission, you have been provided with an Elysium-class transport, the GTT Lambda 1, as "reinforcement". You have to use Lambda 1 to dock with the Grall and recover everyone on board. When you call Lambda 1 in, the transport will jump in a short distance away from the Grall and dock with it. Once Lambda 1 has recovered Snipes and everyone on board the Grall, you will be ordered to return to base.

Much Faster Walkthrough

When the mission begins, do not touch your mouse or look around. Then, set engines to maximum, and go dead ahead with full burners. Have your wingmen form up on you, and ignore all resistance. After a few minutes, you should be told you've found the Grall, and lo and behold, it's right in front of you. Then, carry on defending the transport as above.


  • You can choose to ignore Lambda 1's order to return to base after the transport has successfully extracted the survivors from the Grall. Six more Mara fighters will jump in shortly after the transport departs to destroy the Grall. Once you have dealt with those fighters, you can fly back to the navigation buoy at your starting point in this mission (this is also the only buoy which is always targetable regardless of proximity). Upon your final approach to the buoy, you will be confronted by eight wings of six Mara fighters. You may eventually finish this mission with more than 75 kills.


  • There may be a possible inconsistency between the mission brief for this mission and the actual mission itself. In the mission brief, it is indicated that the recovery transport is designated the GTT Teleron. However, in the mission, you are supplied with the GTT Lambda 1 instead.

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Technical information

As Lightning Fall
File name: loop2-1.fs2
File size: 59.8 KB
Author: Jim Boone
Total number of objects: 531
Total number of wings: 11
Number of mission events: 35
Number of messages: 21
Event music: 1: Genesis
Briefing music: Brief2


1 This is the only FreeSpace 2 main campaign mission that has no waypoints.