Avenging Angels

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Fighter squadron: Unknown, possibly 242nd Suicide Kings
Description: Lt. McCarthy intends to sell the GTW Avenger to the Vasudans. Alpha and Beta wings are scrambled to stop him.


Plans for the Avenger weapon prototype have been stolen by Lt. McCarthy. His transport has been located here in Antares. It has been designated Omega.
One of McCarthy's accomplices has been captured, and revealed his intentions for the stolen plans. Not suprisingly, McCarthy intends to sell the Avenger to the Vasudans. His Vasudan contact has been designated Rasputin.
Your squadron will arrive before the exchange takes place. You are to destroy all hostile fighters, including any renegade Terrans. However,we want McCarthy alive. Your ships have been equipped with Disruptors suitable for disabling the Omega.
Alpha wing and Beta wing, each consisting of four fighters, will be sent in to carry out the mission. You will jump in approximately six kilometers away from the exchange. Get to the Omega as soon as possible.
Expect to encounter significant resistance. Beta wing will focus on attacking the Vasudan forces. Alpha wing will be expected to disable the Omega. Request Beta wing's assistance if necessary.
After McCarthy's transport is disabled, the GTT Comet will jump into the area and dock with it. You are to ensure the safety of the Comet, especially during the docking operation with Omega. After the Comet and the Omega have left the area, it is your responsibility to eliminate hostiles. Once the area is clear, you are to jump back to the GTD Galatea.
Note that you will be required to engage Terran pilots. These pilots are traitors to the Alliance, and no quarter should be given. Thousands of lives are at stake. Do not hesitate to use deadly force on the traitors.
If you encounter significant resistance or experience severe losses, Delta wing will be sent by Terran command to assist. If further assistance is needed, call in Epsilon wing. Good luck, pilot.


When you arrive there will be one wing of Horus Interceptors (Aries wing), one wing of Anubis fighters (Cancer wing) and two wings of Apollo fighters (Traitor Alpha and Beta) present. Target Omega and order all fighters to ignore it. After this target the Rasputin's engines. Take them out using your Disruptor cannon. GT Intelligence 1 (Elysium) and GT Intelligence 2 (Valkyrie) will then jump in to capture it.

Next target is Omega's engines. Disable the Omega using your Disruptor cannon. The GTT Comet will jump in to capture the Omega. By this time your wingmen should have taken out all the fighters, but if they haven't, proceed to do so yourself.

Soon after you disable the Omega, one wing of Anubis fighters (Virgo wing) will jump in to attack it. Destroy them quickly so they don't hurt Omega too much. The Comet will then dock with Omega and jump out with it.
Return to base at this point.

Alternate Missions

If any of the freighters in the previous mission escaped, expect to see them here with additional fighter escort. Also, if you jumped out before the Orff arrived in the previous mission, you may find to your dismay that Rasputin has already gotten away. Finally, if the freighters of the previous mission were not destroyed and the Orff arrived in the last mission damaged (usually as a result of not killing all ships in Mission 2), you will find that only the freighters remain and Omega and Rasputin are both gone.


You will be rewarded with the Commendation Medal regardless of difficulty setting, if you capture the Rasputyin (a secondary or bonus goal).

GT Intelligence 2 (the Valkyrie) is equipped with a Prometheus cannon. The Prometheus is not supposed to be developed until later in the campaign. This is a pure FREDding oversight.

Notable ships present