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These is a list of known medals that Terran pilots may receive during their careers. The player must sometimes meet certain conditions apart from completing a mission to receive a given medal. In each game, there are two medals that are only granted if the player plays on at least Medium and impeccably completes a duo of missions.

From a FREDding perspective, medals are awarded by the grant-medal symbolic expression. If the player fails to progress with the campaign, as determined by the campaign file, he will not receive the medal anyhow.

Players also receive "ace" ranks that can be acquired by scoring a given number of kills. There are three such ranks in both games: Ace, Double Ace, Triple Ace.

FreeSpace 1 Medals

Picture Name Requirement Mission Mjn's Remake
Fs1 ace.gif Ace 60 kills Any Ace.png
Fs1 doubleace.gif Double Ace 150 kills Any DoubleAce.png
Fs1 tripleace.gif Triple Ace 350 kills Any TripleAce.png
Fs1 wings.gif Wings Complete Basic Training 1-3 Basic Training 3 Wings.png
Fs1 advwings.gif Adv. Pilot Wings Complete all Training Missions Advanced Training 2 AdvancedWings.png
Fs1 commendationmedal.gif Commendation Medal Running the Gauntlet
Avenging Angels: Disable and capture both the GTT Omega and PVT Rasputin
Act 3 Mission 5
Act 1 Mission 4
Fs1 conspicuousgallantry.gif Conspicuous Gallantry The Big Bang
Last Hope
Act 2 Mission 2
Act 3 Mission 2
Fs1 distinguishedflyingcross.gif Distinguished Flying Cross The Field of Battle: Destroy the PVF Vasudan Ace(difficulty must be medium or higher)
Paving the Way
Enter the Dragon
Act 1 Mission 2
Act 1 Mission 6
Act 2 Mission 7
Fs1 distinguishedservicecross.gif Distinguished Service Cross La Ruota della Fortuna Act 2 Mission 3 DistinguishedServiceCross.png
Fs1 galacticservice.gif Galactic Service Good Luck Act 3 Mission 9 GalacticService.png
Fs1 galateasurvivor.gif Galatea Survivor Doomsday: Protect all escape pods launched from the GTD Galatea on Medium difficulty or higher Act 2 Mission 10 GalateaSurvivor.png
Fs1 goodconduct.gif Good Conduct First Strike
A Failure to Communicate
Shell Game
Act 1 Mission 10
Act 3 Mission 3
Act 2 Mission 6
Fs1 legionofmerit.gif Legion of Merit Reaching the Zenith: Destroy the SC Zenith Act 3 Mission 4 LegionOfMerit.png
Fs1 medalofhonor.gif Medal of Honor Black Omega: Protect both GTT Omega transports on Medium difficulty or higher Act 3 Mission 6 MedalOfHonor.png
Fs1 meritoriousunit.gif Meritorious Unit Playing Judas
Act 2 Mission 8
Act 3 Mission 1
Fs1 militarydefense.gif Military Defense Clash of the Titans (difficulty must be medium or above) Act 3 Mission 7 MilitaryDefense.png
Fs1 vasudanalliance.gif Vasudan Alliance The Hammer and the Anvil Act 1 Mission 8 VasudanAlliance.png

FreeSpace 2 Medals

Picture Name Requirement Mission Mjn's Remake
Fs2 ace.gif Ace 60 kills Any Ace.png
Fs2 doubleace.gif Double Ace 150 kills Any DoubleAce.png
Fs2 tripleace.gif Triple Ace 350 kills Any TripleAce.png
Fs2 wings.gif Wings Complete all Training Missions Training 6 Wings.png
Fs2 allieddefensecitation.gif Allied Defense Citation A Lion at the Door: Protect the GTD Carthage and GVCv Dashor Act 1 Mission 4 AlliedDefenseCitation.png
Fs2 epsilonpegasiliberation.gif Epsilon Pegasi Liberation Feint! Parry! Riposte!: Protect the GTC Rampart Act 1 Mission 10 EpsilonPegasiLiberation.png
Fs2 distinguishedflyingcross.gif Distinguished Flying Cross The Sixth Wonder
The King's Gambit
Act 1 Mission 8
Act 2 Mission 4
Fs2 gtvalegionofhonor.gif GTVA Legion of Honor Dunkerque Act 3 Mission 7 GTVALegionOfHonor.png
Fs2 imperialorderofvasuda.gif Imperial Order of Vasuda Argonautica: Protect the GTD Aquitaine Act 3 Mission 5 VasudanAlliance.png
Fs2 intelligencecross.gif Intelligence Cross ...But Hate the Traitor: Do not destroy the GTT Omega SOC Loop 1 Mission 3 IntelligenceCross.png
Fs2 meritoriousunitcommendation.gif Meritorious Unit Commendation Exodus Act 3 Mission 6 MeritoriousUnitComendation.png
Fs2 medalofvalor.gif Medal of Valor A Monster in the Mist Act 2 Mission 8 MedalOfHonor.png
Fs2 nebulacampaignvictorystar.gif Nebula Campaign Victory Star High Noon: Destroy all 4 forward beam cannons of the SJ Sathanas it is destroyed.
(NOTE: Part of this task must be accomplished during Bearbaiting.)
Act 3 Mission 2 NebulaCampaignVictoryStar.png
Fs2 ntfcampaignvictorystar.gif NTF Campaign Victory Star Endgame: Protect the GTC Fortune and GTCv Monitor Act 2 Mission 6 NTFCampaignVictoryStar.png
Fs2 orderofgalatea.gif Order of Galatea Proving Grounds Act 2 Mission 3 OrderOfGalatea.png
Fs2 socservicemedallion.gif SOC Service Medallion Into the Lion's Den: Destroy at least one Shivan Comm Node SOC Loop 2 Mission 2 SOCServiceMedallion.png
Fs2 socunitcrest.gif SOC Unit Crest Rebels & Renegades
As Lightning Fall: Rescue all survivors on board the NTT Grall
SOC Loop 1 Mission 1
SOC Loop 2 Mission 1