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The BI Avioki


Tech Room Description

Measuring over a kilometer in length, the Brakiri Cruiser is a sleek and powerful looking ship, which patrols the borders of Brakiri space. Unfortunately, this vaunted appearance is simply that - appearance, the Brakiri cruiser being actually deceptively fragile and poorly armed. With thin armor and limited weapons, the large Brakiri Cruisers, while an intimidating in sight, are not pure combat vessels and, as such, are exceedingly ineffective in major military conflicts.

Veteran Comments

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The Avioki is seriously underarmed to deal with your fighter, with its small number of turrets, but decently equipped to take on capital craft.



Type Heavy Cruiser
Manufacturer Brakiri
Maneuverability n/a
Max Velocity 45 mps
Max Afterburner Velocity n/a
Armor Very Heavy
Hitpoints 55000
Length n/a


Turret Mounts/Position Standard Loadout
1st n/a Brakiri Medium Beam
2nd n/a Brakiri Medium Beam
3rd n/a Brakiri Medium Beam
4th n/a Brakiri Medium Beam
5th n/a Brakiri Medium Pulse
6th n/a Brakiri Medium Pulse
7th n/a NR Light TwinArray 2
8th n/a NR Light TwinArray 2
9th n/a NR Light TwinArray 2
10th n/a NR Light TwinArray 2
11th n/a NR Light TwinArray 2
12th n/a NR Light TwinArray 2
13th n/a NR Light TwinArray 2
14th n/a NR Light TwinArray 2
Compatible Primaries