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The BVas is a heavy beam cannon used by the Vasudans in FreeSpace 2, forming the main anti-capital ship capabilities of the Hatshepsut-class destroyer and older Typhon-class destroyers still serving the GTVA during the NTF Rebellion and Second Shivan Incursion. The BVas is the most powerful beam cannon ever made by the Vasudans and is very similar to the BGreen in every respect.


Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2


Basic Vasudan anti-capital ship beam weapon



Range 4 000 m
Recharge Time 24 s
Beam Lifetime 3.7 s
Type: Direct
Shots 1
Damage per second 6 050
Damage per second (sustained) 933
Damage per pulse 22 385


  • The BVas is the first beam a novice FS2 pilot will see in action, when the GVD Psamtik destroys the Belisarius.

Veteran Comments

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The statistics don't show it but the BVas actually does marginally more damage a minute than the BGreen; it is a highly effective weapon.

Calculations point out that this weapon has a yield equivalent to approximately 34.6 GT (Gigatons of TNT) per pulse.