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===Important Events===
===Important Events===
*Beta Aquilae Convention, 2358
*The Beta Aquilae Convention, or [[The Beta Aquilae convention|BETAC]], is signed by representatives of the [[Vasudans|Vasudan]] and [[Terrans|Terran]] governments, 2358
===Jump Nodes===
===Jump Nodes===

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Celestial Information

  • Distance from Sol: 44.7 lyrs, 13.7 par
  • Type of System: Binary
  • Color: G8-Yellow Main Sequence, M3-Red Dwarf
  • Right Ascension: 19h 55m 18.799s
  • Declination: +6° 24' 24.29"

Important Events

  • The Beta Aquilae Convention, or BETAC, is signed by representatives of the Vasudan and Terran governments, 2358

Jump Nodes