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Fighter squadron: 91st Phantoms

Description: Our hero returns from a successful mission against the Shivans, only to find the Krios under attack from GTI forces.


The GTD Krios is under attack from GTI forces. All surviving members from The Last Hurrah are immediately sent to assist.


You'll probably get some fresh reinforcements for Delta and Epsilon Wings, and all survivors are carried over (if you have less than half your entire team remaining, you should redo the last mission).

As soon as you see the Krios get attacked by Medusa bombers, tell your team mates to form up on you and stay away from the Krios. Escape pods are deployed as soon as the ship gets blown out. There's nothing you can do, and if your team mates try to help the Krios, they will die by the explosion.

Then a lot of fighters will gang up on you. Order all team mates to engage the enemy (they will take care of those pesky Loki fighters), and find the Science Vessel jamming your transmissions. Destroy it. Your team will have to deal with the loads of Hercules fighters, then have your team regroup, and head for the escape pods.

When the friendly GTD Soyakaze jumps in, two enemy Fenris cruisers will show up. Tell your team mates to engage the enemy again. If you can, you'll have to distract the cruisers long enough (as in, draw their fire) for at least one escape pod to safely get in the Soyakaze (you need to get at least one safely in or else the mission is a failure). If you have enough surviving bombers and fighters, you can make short work of most of the cruisers and their fighter escorts. You will also be supported by the Soyakaze's Sigma and Tau Wings, with Valkyries and Ursas respectively (the Soyakaze can defend itself on Medium and lower, and both additional wings are under your control).

Once the escape pods safely dock, the Soyakaze will give you jump coordinates to follow and depart. Take off when you get the order.


  • It's almost impossible to micromanage the team for defending all eight escape pods. The best chance for any one of them surviving is to hit your command key, then "all fighters, engage the enemy." You only need one surviving to pass the mission.


This is a Red Alert mission, so your fighters, weapons and conditions are carried over from the previous mission.