Between the Ashes

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

Between the Ashes is the campaign by MjnMixael that takes place after the events of Freespace 1 and ST:R.

Between the Ashes (BtA) explores the reconstruction period after Freespace 1 and before Freespace 2. It focuses on the major events of the time period and what might have led to the formation of the GTVA.

BtA is currently in development and unreleased.


The GTD Intrepid as commanded by Admiral Po.
Antares Station, a major setting for Slaves of Chaos.
A civilian convoy in Regulus.

Between the Ashes tells the story of mankind after the Shivans have been defeated and the Lucifer destroyed. The stage is set by the GTI rebellion near the end of the Great War. Without a home, mankind wanders across the stars aimless and without purpose. Where do we go from here? Are the Shivans still out there? Who else might lurk in the universe seeking our destruction and how do we prepare? These are the questions everyone is asking.

The losses to the Shivans and the crippled state of the GTA from the Fourteen Year War has caused many to lose faith in a unified government. And the Hammer of Light has become a dangerous terrorist group, but to what end?



Slaves of Chaos


Galactic Terran Alliance


BtA picks up only a few years after the GTI Rebellion has been defeated. Much of the Galactic Terran Alliance's military has been destroyed and as such the GTA has reorganized it's fleet assets across the many systems in Terran-Vasudan space. The headquarters of the GTA have been moved to Delta Serpentis following the loss of the Sol jump nodes. The GTA is focusing it's efforts in systems that require heavy physical and political reconstruction. Many system's leaders have taken advantage of the GTA's stripped military power for their own gain.

Parlimentary Vasudan Empire


The Parliamentary Vasudan Empire, despite having lost it's home system of Vasuda during the Great War, has lost little of it's military might. It moved it's headquarters to Aldebaran and has focused much of it's military resources to combating the Hammer of Light. The PVE and GTA are still keeping a 'cease-fire' treaty and are starting to develop a mutual respect. There have been an increasing number of military operations conducted in cooperation between the two.

Hammer Of Light


The Hammer of Light are a rogue Vasudan faction dedicated to Vasudan prophecies that they believe are referring to the Shivans. During the Great War they focused their efforts on assisting the Shivans. However, with the Shivans in complete defeat, the HoL's motives and goals have become somewhat unclear. They are often caught raiding convoys and supply depots while spouting generic religious warnings and threats.

The HoL has almost complete control of Altair including the Sahr Shipyards in Altair. This has benefited them greatly as they have used this advantage to create several new ship designs used to reach their goals.



The Terran-Vasudan systems are plagued by multiple factions and groups that focus on illegal smuggling. These groups are taking advantage of the weakened GTA state and the increased need for raw materials throughout multiple systems. They are often found working with political leaders and advisers of the economically strong systems and sell their black market goods to groups and people in economically depressed systems.


Original Concept

BtA started off as a small project by Mjn.Mixael to cover multiple aspects of the reconstruction period. The story became almost too large and was split into three parts. Mjn.Mixael decided to work only on the first part and make it a complete story on it's own. That part is called Slaves of Chaos.

MjnMixael was able to recruit a small team and work began to progress quickly.

The Team

Originally the team was Mjn.Mixael, Snail, and MatthTheGeek. Shortly after the first public announcement, Slasher joined the team. From there it grew slowly as it was mutually agreed that a small team would foster a more productive atmosphere.


None yet!


Project Staff

  • MjnMixaelProject lead
  • MatthTheGeekModpack Extraordinaire
  • SDMWriting, Proofreading, & General Shenanigans
  • SlasherSpeed FRED
  • SnailCritical Critique

Beta Testers

  • Admiral MS
  • Bigchunk1

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