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Blue Planet is an epic story set eighteen years after FreeSpace 2. The Blue Planet universe was introduced in Age of Aquarius and continues in the upcoming War in Heaven. It will conclude in a planned third campaign.

As the 14th Battlegroup, led by the GTD Orestes, prepares to lead the GTVA's return to Sol, young pilot Samuel Bei finds himself once more under his estranged father's command. As the two Beis grapple with the open wounds of an old tragedy, the greatest journey any human being has ever undertaken opens before them: a sojourn across universes and beyond death itself, as the destiny of the human race and the secrets of Shiva hang in the balance.

As Samuel Bei, you will guide your elite task force through a harrowing journey - a desperate flight through a nightmare of burnt rock, cold fire, and horrifying visions, drawn inexorably onwards by the pull of your own fate. Fight exhilarating battles(including the legendary Forced Entry) alongside new Terran warships. Give up your humanity and your life to protect those you love in one of the most immersive, emotionally engaging FreeSpace stories ever told.

General Info

Author: Darius

Other members:

  • Dilmah G - Testing, FREDer
  • Dragon - Texture Artist
  • Fury - Testing, Tabler
  • General Battuta - Voice Acting Managing, Testing, FREDer
  • Rian - Voice Acting Managing
  • Steve O - Modelling


  • AoA: 22
  • WiH: 15 (estimated)

Mods included:

  • A new race, with ships and beam sounds
  • An additional Terran faction
  • New GTVA ships and weapons to reflect the next generation of technology
  • New Head ANIs
  • Many new music soundtracks and other event-triggered tracks



Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius

Blue Planet is set eighteen years after the Capella Incident which marked the end of the Second Shivan Incursion. The focus driving Terran engineering has been the construction of the portal which would reconnect the Sol system with the rest of the GTVA. Upon its completion, probes were sent to scout the surrounding area and to test the stability of the portal. Imbued with confidence after several successful missions, GTVA Command has deployed the GTD Orestes, a state-of-the-art destroyer, and her complement of ships to establish contact with a long-isolated Earth and to reunite the Lost Generation with humanity's ancestral home.

The Orestes and her ships embark on an historical journey which is to have profound consequences for the future of the GTVA, Earth, and the entire human race.

Blue Planet: War in Heaven

A young pilot tries to find meaning in a meaningless war. A visionary prophet does all he can to prove false premonitions of events which must not come to pass. A nation struggles to unite its people in an era of peace and prosperity, despite being beset on all sides. Meanwhile, two powerful alien races watch from afar, waiting to see if humankind will fulfill its potential as the Great Creators.

War in Heaven takes place eighteen months after the events of Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius and details the final stages of the civil war between Sol and the rest of her colonies.

"In the future, it will not be said that the Earthborn fight like Vasudans, but that Vasudans fight like the Earthborn." -- Emperor Khonsu II, 2386


Please refer to the Age of Aquarius page for player comments.

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