Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius

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General Info

Author: Darius

Missions: 22

Mods included:

  • A new race, with ships and beam sounds
  • An additional Terran faction
  • New GTVA ships and weapons to reflect the next generation of technology
  • Head ANIs
  • 3 new music soundtracks and other event-triggered tracks

Status: Released



Blue Planet is set eighteen years after the Capella Incident which marked the end of the Second Shivan Incursion. The focus driving Terran engineering has been the construction of the portal which would reconnect the Sol system with the rest of the GTVA. Upon its completion, probes were sent to scout the surrounding area and to test the stability of the portal. Imbued with confidence after several successful missions, GTVA Command has deployed the GTD Orestes, a state-of-the-art destroyer, and her complement of ships to establish contact with a long-isolated Earth and to reunite the Lost Generation with humanity's ancestral home.

The Orestes and her ships embark on an historical journey which is to have profound consequences for the future of the GTVA, Earth, and the entire human race.

Player Comments

The first part of Blue Planet, the only one released, is excellent to play and well worth the download and the time. If any criticism can be leveled at it, it is that it tries to compress too much story into too little campaign; but this is a minor quibble compared to the enjoyment of the end product. - Ngtm1r 04:15, 14 June 2008 (CDT)

Blue Planet could be simplified as a hardcore and more enjoyable version of the main FreeSpace 2 campaign. The Age of Aquarius campaign is arguably one of the hardest ever made for a FreeSpace 2 mod, but it is also probably one of the best. The infamous "Forced Entry" mission, in particular, has been known to frustrate players unable to complete it, and delight players who eventually do pass it. The same could be said for the mission "Keepers of Hell", albeit to a smaller extent. The plot twist at the end is one of the last things most players expect to come from the GTVA, and it pretty much sets an optimistic tone for War in Heaven. Of special note is the custom music that Darius uses in Age of Aquarius, which helps to convey the mood of each and every mission. -- Androgeos Exeunt 08:39, 14 March 2009 (UTC)

Transcend and Windmills showcased Freespace's ability to tell compelling stories in non-traditional genres, but, in my opinion, Blue Planet is the first real step forward in the traditional military-space-opera style of Freespace storytelling since Derelict. By incorporating cinematics, music, and character into an adventurous and dramatic plotline, Blue Planet achieves a level of cinematic intensity that makes most other campaigns feel stodgy and traditional. It has its flaws - seat-of-the-pants plotting and some grandiose heroic dialogue - but these are a consequences of its ambition, not its failings. In my opinion, it stands alongside Transcend as the best Freespace campaign in existence, and while its story is more straightforward, it never sacrifices gameplay in the way that Transcend often must. General Battuta 04:24, 10 June 2009 (UTC)

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