Brotherly Feud (Nostos)

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Inferno Nostos

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Fighter squadron: Not known.

Description: Drive off EA assets at the Antares-Beta Aquilae Jump Node.


Sixteen months have passed since the reformed Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance completed and powered up the Sol Gate, reconnecting Delta Serpentis to Sol. However, re-establishment between the GTVA and Sol paved way for the Earth Alliance to invade Delta Serpentis, Ross 128, and Beta Aquilae. The Earth Alliance has commenced a full invasion of Janus, the GTVA Capital Planet in Beta Aquilae. Vasudan involvement is minimal in this conflict, as the Imperium has considered it a strictly Terran affair.

Signing on as a fresh pilot for the GTVA 4th Fleet under the GTCa Independence, the fleet is readying its offensive from Antares into Beta Aquilae.

Your squadron is sent to reinforce the GTCv Carolina in Antares, the only capital asset defending the Beta Aquilae Jump Node.


You have two three-ship wings of GTF Mihos fighters. The default loadout is sufficient, however, you may want to bring one bank of Hurricane Rockets for yourself.

You will start next to the Deimos-class Carolina, six kilometers away from the node.

Gaia and Luna Wings (consisting of Claymores) will converge on you and the Carolina. Destroy them. Then take out Iross Wing (consisting of Aetnas).

After those wings are knocked out, intercept Olympia and Terra Wings (consisting of Peregrines and Claymores).

Once those bombers are out, the Carolina will start engaging the Eclipse-class cruisers Ridlin and Redalvi. Assist by taking out their front beam cannons and taking out their defending wing (Durch Wing of Stentors). However, be wary of both cruisers' shotgun turrets.

You'll have a break in the action along with some exposition, so re-arm.

Once that's over, you're going to see a multitude of EA ships coming out of the node and your transmissions will get jammed. Don't worry about the Carolina at this point, rally your squadron to cover you and focus your attack on the panels of the Minoa-class Vantage (use your Hurricanes to quickly take out the panels).

The rest of your assets will have been thrashed at that point, so until then, stay alive until the GTD Ramayana arrives. Once they're on station, retreat to them or under the cover of Delta and Epsilon Wings.

After the EA ships are forced out, park in either of the Ramayana's hangar bays.