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When applied to Freespace, Canon is anything that has been confirmed as official truth within the Freespace universe by Volition. This is largely limited to ingame data, most often from either mission briefings and debriefs, Command briefings, in-mission messages, cutscenes and the tech room, however a few other, non in-game sources can be considered canon, such as the Freespace Reference Bible. All other information is non-canon and should not be treated as official.

Non-canon information is not entirely disallowed on the Freespace Wiki, however, when submitting anything, canon information should take precedence. Non-canon information should always be clearly labelled as such and, wherever possible, separated off from the main article through use of the non-cannon tag:

It can be used in an article with the following tag: {{non-canon}}

If this is not possible, ensure that non-canon data is clearly marked through other means, for example, asterisks (*) wih a footnote at the base of the page.