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*''Color:'' G8 III / G0 III
*''Color:'' G8 III / G0 III
*''Right Ascension:'' 5h 16m 41.353s
*''Right Ascension:'' 5h 16m 41.353s
*''Declination:'' +45° 59' 52.9"
*''Declination:'' +45° 59' 52.9"
===Important Events===
===Important Events===

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The planets of the Capella system.
An analysis of the subspace anomaly that destroyed the Capella star.

Celestial Information

  • Name, meaning and Constellation: Alpha Aurigae, Auriga. "Capella" is Latin for "female goat". It's a reference to Amalthea, the goat that ensured Zeus's survival. "Capella" was also the cognomen of a Roman gens.
  • Other name(s) and meaning: Alhajoth, Purra (Australian aboriginal name), al-'Ayyuq العيوق Alhajoth (Arabic name meaning Goat), Brahmahridaya (Hindu name meaning Heart of Brahma), Bozbān بزبان and Negahbān نگهبان (Persian names which mean goat-keeper and guard, respectively), Colca (Inca name), Hircus (another Latin name, meaning goat), Hokulei (Hawaiian for Star-Wreath), 五车二 Wǔjū'èr (Chinese for the Second Star of the Five Chariots).
  • Distance from Sol: 42.2 lyrs, 12.9 par
  • Type of System: Binary
  • Color: G8 III / G0 III
  • Right Ascension: 5h 16m 41.353s
  • Declination: +45° 59' 52.9"

Important Events

Jump Nodes


  • In FreeSpace 2, this is the home star of the GTVA 3rd Fleet, of which the player is a pilot.