Cardinal Spear

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Cardinal Spear is a campaign originally released for Descent: FreeSpace in 1999. It was later debugged, polished, voice acted, and re-released by the FreeSpace Port team in 2007.


Author: Adam "Ace" Rorabaugh

Missions: 8 (in two chapters, Cardinal Spear followed by Cardinal Spear: Vega)

Mods: Numerous additional models and table edits; the remake also includes voice acting


In the tenth year of our war against the Vasudans, humanity had attempted one last desperate strike to end the war outright - a spear in the dark. The Cardinal Fleet had been laid ruin, and the crew of the GTD Agamemnon was being hunted by a Vasudan general. It was too late for victory, but not too late for vengeance...