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All information related to the Cargo Platform is non-canon.
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The Cargo Platform

The Cargo Platform is a small-capacity, stationary docking platform for cargo containers.


Tech Description

None included

Credits List

Designer's Comments

This was released without a table file, but given the simplicity of the model, it's quite easy to make. Copy an existing table from, for example, a cargo container, give it a "drydock" flag, change the hitpoints and adjust the zoom position to something like 0, 0, 300.

An example table:

$Name: Cargo Platform
$Short name: TPForm1
$Species: Terran
+Tech Description: Cargo Platform.
$POF file: Platform1.pof
$Detail distance: (0, 300, 500, 1300)
$Show damage: YES
$Density: 1
$Damp: 0.2
$Rotdamp: 0.2
$Max Velocity: 0.0, 0.0, 0.0
$Rotation time: 20.0, 20.0, 20.0
$Rear Velocity: 0.0
$Forward accel: 0.0
$Forward decel: 0.0
$Slide accel: 0.0
$Slide decel: 0.0
$Expl inner rad: 50.0
$Expl outer rad: 100.0
$Expl damage: 10.0
$Expl blast: 100.0
$Expl Propagates: NO
$Shockwave Speed: 0.0
$Default PBanks: ()
$Default SBanks: ()
$SBank Capacity: ()
$Shields: 0
$Power Output: 0.0
$Max Oclk Speed: 0.0
$Max Weapon Eng: 0.0
$Hitpoints: 5000
$Flags: ( "drydock" )
$AI Class: none
$Afterburner: NO
$Countermeasures: 0
$Scan time: 2000
$EngineSnd: -1
$Closeup_pos: 0.0, 0.0, -363
$Closeup_zoom: 0.55
$Score: 0


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