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Fighter squadron: 56 Squadron

Description: Alpha Wing escorts Admiral Nechyev to the GTD Temeraire.


The Sanctuary has been running, hiding, and fighting for its life for half a century. Your arrival represents the first spark of hope in generations for the survivors of this alternate universe.

The meeting between Rear-Admiral Carey and Admiral Nechyev on board the GTD Temeraire will be the first inter-universe conference between two flag officers, and you have been selected to escort Nechyev's shuttle as it crosses the short distance between the Sanctuary and the Temeraire in an inaugural ceremony.


This mission is a playable cutscene, and there's no briefing. You'll be flying a GTF Aurora, so listen to the dialogue, and escort the Sanctuary Admiral's shuttle to the Temeraire fighterbay. Just sit back and relax, there's no hostile fighter craft to deal with.


  • In the original release of AoA, the Shivan warship that was destroyed during the opening cutscene was a Moloch corvette. During the development process preceding the re-release, this was temporarily changed to a Cain-class cruiser. A version with this change was released with the 3.6.10 release of Age of Aquarius. It has since been switched back to a Moloch for the Director's Cut.
  • You can scan the Admiral's Shuttle for an easter egg.

Total number of forces

Forces involved
  • Terran sleeper ship Sanctuary

  • 3 GTF Aurora
    • Alpha 1
      • Bei
    • Alpha 2
      • Corey
    • Alpha 3
      • Taylor