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    Change IFF (Action operator) 
    Sets the specified ship(s) or wing(s) to the specified team. 
    Takes 2 or more arguments... 
    1: Team to change to ("friendly", "hostile" or "unknown"). 
    Rest: Name of ship or wing to change team status of.


  • The change IFF sexp can be used by mission designers so that when called, it will change the IFF of a given ship so that it can effectively change allegiance. It can also be used to change the Player's IFF simulating desertion or Command's wrath at messing up in some way.
  • The Source Code Project has enabled access to the "Traitor" IFF, which is to be preferred over "Hostile" for mission-generated traitor states. It will trigger the table-controlled traitor debriefing.
  • Unlike most SEXPs, this one can be used on ships that have not yet arrived. Strangely enough, change-iff-color must be called on ships already present. (The veracity of this information was last confirmed: on Nov 17, 2020 nightly build)