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[[Image:STRLogo.png|480px|center|frameless|link=Silent Threat: Reborn|Silent Threat: Reborn]]<BR>
{{Mission|previous=Forced Hand|next=Secrets Reborn|campaign=Silent Threat: Reborn Campaign Walkthrough}}
{{Mission|previous=Forced Hand|next=Secrets Reborn|campaign=Silent Threat: Reborn Campaign Walkthrough}}

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Silent Threat: Reborn

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Fighter squadron: 82nd Nighthawks

Description: Our hero responds to a distress signal at the Delta Serpentis node to Beta Aquilae.



You will be piloting a GTF Ulysses with a Prometheus, Leech, and Interceptors. Beta Wing will consist of Hercules, and you will also have Delta and Epsilon Wings consisting of Vasudan fighters.

Defend the Hope at all times. Intercept any bombs that rebel bombers unload but assist your wingmen against the incoming rebel transports and freighters whenever you can. Expect a lot of Elysium and Chronos freighters (you must destroy all of them before even one reaches the jump node). Scan the Atens during pauses. Medical transports will arrive and evacuate whatever crew is still alive. Notice that the hostile bombers will launch new warheads.

If you stay in the area after authorization to leave, you can participate in another battle and get some more kills.


  • On almost every occasion possible, tell all fighters to defend the Hope. When the enemy transports run the blockade, instruct all wingmen to "engage the enemy." You must maintain the blockade and ensure no transports escape.
  • Try to keep the friendly Atens alive as much as possible. Even though they may be evacuated by a certain point in the mission, their turrets will still be online to buy you some time and get some pressure off the Hope.


  • The ST:R team liked the name for this mission so much that they changed the name of the 91st Shadows to the 91st Phantoms so as not to conflict.
  • A shocked Vasudan at one point exclaims: "Somebody has set up us the bomb." This is a direct reference to a 1991 Sega video game, Zero Wing that is notorious for its poorly translated English version.
  • The PVD Hope will be acting very strangely.