Clash of the Titans II

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Fighter squadron: 70th Blue Lions
Description: The Blue Lions must defend the GTD Bastion as it makes its way to destroy the Epsilon Pegasi-Capella jump node.


With the Bastion's protective taskforce almost completely destroyed, Allied Command orders the 70th to defend the Bastion as it makes its way to destroy the Epsilon Pegasi jump node to Capella.


Moniter's recommendations: GTF Ares, Trebuchet, Harpoon, UD-8 Kayser
Standard procedure in this mission is to load up with an Ares or Herc II filled up with Trebuchet long range anti-bomber missiles, and with a long range primary bank to take out bombs, then park next to one of the Aeolus cruisers and blast bombers at long range. This is an effective and tried and true tactic. On higher difficulties however, the Shivan bombers, especially the Nephilim and Seraphim varieties take several duel Trebuchet hits dead on. For that reason, I prefer to fly intercept in an Erinyes with a Kayser and an HL-7.

KR's Notes: The shivan bombers will go after the cruisers first, so assign one protection wing for each cruiser if you want. Some of those cruisers come back in the last mission, if they survive. Also, DO NOT give loadout to Beta 2 & Beta 3. They will have a reactor core breach at the beggining of the mission, blowing up in the process.

"MrMitten's Notes": On difficulties Very Easy through Medium (and I believe upwards, as well) you don't have to do anything at all in order to ensure the Bastion enters the node. You can even move back a click or so and observe with your wingmen (they'll automatically follow you). In doing this all three of the Aeolus' will be toast, but they're not your objective. This works about 80 percent of the time on Hard and Insane.

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