Cleaning Crew

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  • Ngtm1r: Storyline, FREDding, procrastination, playtesting.

Mods included:

Number of Missions: 10


Post-Capella mopup with the Vasudan 33rd Heavy Fighter Squadron.


FSO required. Installation as standard, drop in a folder in your FSO directory and use -mod command line. Beware of lurking table files in your data folder.

FREDder's Notes

Caveat emptor; my first campaign. Arguably too easy, but was designed to be fun to play as opposed to difficult.

Player Comments

A very easy campaign, good if you just want to score kills. This would be a pretty good campaign if it had a bit more playtesting to excise a few major bugs. Other than that, it's not just a turkey shoot; Cleaning Crew does have a unique storyline.

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