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Terran Command from FreeSpace 1.
Allied Command from FreeSpace 2.

In FreeSpace 2, Allied Command (most frequently referred to simply as Command) oversees operations conducted by the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance and gives orders to pilots and other combat craft that participate in them. Terran Command (also referred to simply as Command) fulfilled the same role in FreeSpace 1.

In both FreeSpace games, Command seems to be an organization of command personnel. This implies that the individual who personally instructs allied pilots is merely a communications officer, and not Command itself. However, the identity of this officer in not made clear in either game. In FreeSpace 1, he is a human of Caucasian ethnicity. His head animation is Head CM-1, which is the only head animation used for larger ships in the first game. In FreeSpace 2, the officer has head animation Head-CM2, who is a dark-skinned human, presumably of African ethnicity.

Over the course of the two games, the player character gets reassigned to numerous new flagships, but these reassignments don't affect how the Allied Command officer is portrayed. Even when the player is assigned to the GVD Psamtik, Command remains a Terran.

Command's characteristic phrases (especially "Incoming jump signature! Hostile configuration!") as well as his perceived ineptness in directing missions have made many community members repute him as a somewhat impersonal authority figure.

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