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*'Cycle Radar Range'
*'Cycle Radar Range'
*'Communications Menu'
*'Communications Menu'
*'SHOW_NAVMAP - show navmap
*'Show Nav Map
*'Add Or Remove Escort'
*'Add Or Remove Escort'
*'Clear Escort List'
*'Clear Escort List'

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FSO Revision: 7478
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The controlconfigdefaults.tbl can be used to modify the default key bindings in FSO.

List of Tables

General Format

  • Begins with #ControlConfigOverride and ends with #End.
  • Only entries that you want to change are required.
  • Entries not listed will be assigned to their default/hardcoded values.

$Bind Name:

  • Name of the bind or action to modify the default key of.
  • Valid entries: List of Bindings
  • Required
  • Syntax: String

$Key Default:

  • Key to set as default
  • Valid entries: Allowed Keys
  • Optional
  • Syntax: String

$Joy Default:

  • Joystick button to set as default
  • Optional
  • Syntax: Integer

$Key Mod Shift:

  • Sets the key to require the Shift key
  • 1 for yes, 0 for no
  • Optional
  • Syntax: Integer

$Key Mod Alt:

  • Sets the key to require the Alt key
  • 1 for yes, 0 for no
  • Optional
  • Syntax: Integer

$Key Mod Ctrl:

  • Sets the key to require the Ctrl key
  • 1 for yes, 0 for no
  • Optional
  • Syntax: Integer


  • Tab where the binding appears in the options menu.
  • Optional
  • Syntax: String

$Has XStr:

  • Whether or not the binding has an entry in tstrings.tbl
  • 1 for yes, 0 for no
  • Optional
  • Syntax: Integer


  • Whether or not the binding needs a continuous press of the key?
  • Optional
  • Syntax String


This example does the following...

  • Sets Clear Escort List to Alt-Shift-Q
  • Sets Target Target's Attacker to Ctrl-Alt-Shift-J, moves it to the Ship Tab, denotes it's type as a trigger and sets it to not have a XString
  • Sets Transfer Energy from Shield to Laser to R

$Bind Name:		Clear Escort List
$Key Default:		KEY_Q
$Key Mod Shift:		1
$Key Mod Alt:		1

$Bind Name:		Target Target's Nearest Attacker
$Key Default:		KEY_J
$Key Mod Shift:		1
$Key Mod Alt:		1
$Key Mod Ctrl:		1
$Category:		SHIP_TAB
$Has XStr:		0

$Bind Name:		Transfer Energy Shield->Laser
$Key Default:		KEY_R


List of Bindings

  • This is a list of all possible bindings that can be modified.
  • Must use the string below (without quotes).

Targeting Ships and Objects

  • 'Target Next Ship'
  • 'Target Previous Ship'
  • 'Target Next Closest Hostile Ship'
  • 'Target Previous Closest Hostile Ship'
  • 'Target Next Closest Friendly Ship'
  • 'Target Previous Closest Friendly Ship'
  • 'Target Ship In Reticle'
  • 'Target Target's Nearest Attacker'
  • 'Target Last Ship To Send Transmission'
  • 'Turn Off Targeting'
  • 'Target Closest Attacking Ship'
  • 'Target Next Escort Ship'
  • 'Target Closest Repair Ship'
  • 'Target Next Uninspected Cargo'
  • 'Target Previous Uninspected Cargo'
  • 'Target Newest Ship In Area'
  • 'Target Target's Target'
  • 'Target Next Hostile Bomb Or Bomber'
  • 'Target Previous Hostile Bomb Or Bomber'

Targeting Subsystems and Turrets

  • 'Target Subsystem In Reticle'
  • 'Target Next Subsystem'
  • 'Target Previous Subsystem'
  • 'Turn Off Targeting Of Subsystems'
  • 'Target Next Live Turret'
  • 'Target Previous Live Turret'


  • 'Fire Primary Weapon'
  • 'Fire Secondary Weapon'
  • 'Cycle Forward Primary Weapon'
  • 'Cycle Backward Primary Weapon'
  • 'Cycle Secondary Weapon Bank'
  • 'Cycle Secondary Weapon Firing Rate'
  • 'Launch Countermeasure'


  • 'Forward Thrust'
  • 'Reverse Thrust'
  • 'Bank Left'
  • 'Bank Right'
  • 'Pitch Forward'
  • 'Pitch Backward'
  • 'Turn Left'
  • 'Turn Right'
  • 'Right Thrust'
  • 'Left Thrust'
  • 'Up Thrust'
  • 'Down Thrust'
  • 'Afterburner'
  • 'Glide When Pressed'
  • 'Bank When Pressed'
  • 'Match Target Speed'

Throttle Control

  • 'Set Throttle To Zero'
  • 'Set Throttle To Max'
  • 'Set Throttle To One-Third'
  • 'Set Throttle To Two-Thirds'
  • 'Increase Throttle 5 Percent'
  • 'Decrease Throttle 5 Percent'

HUD Controls

  • 'Toggle High HUD Contrast'
  • 'Toggle HUD'
  • 'Toggle HUD Wireframe Target View'
  • 'Cycle Radar Range'
  • 'Communications Menu'
  • 'Show Nav Map
  • 'Add Or Remove Escort'
  • 'Clear Escort List'

Squadmate Messaging

  • 'Attack My Target'
  • 'Disarm My Target'
  • 'Disable My Target'
  • 'Attack The Targeted Subsystem'
  • 'Capture My Target'
  • 'Engage Enemy'
  • 'Form On My Wing'
  • 'Ignore My Target'
  • 'Protect My Target'
  • 'Cover Me'
  • 'Return To Base'
  • 'Rearm Me'


  • 'Chase View'
  • 'External View'
  • 'Toggle External Camera Lock'
  • 'Free Look View'
  • 'Current Target View'
  • 'Increase View Distance'
  • 'Decrease View Distance'
  • 'Center View'
  • 'View Up'
  • 'View Rear'
  • 'View Left'
  • 'View Right
  • 'Top-Down View'
  • 'Target Padlock View'

ETS and Shields

  • 'Increase Weapon Energy'
  • 'Decrease Weapon Energy'
  • 'Increase Shield Energy'
  • 'Decrease Shield Energy'
  • 'Increase Engine Energy'
  • 'Decrease Engine Energy'
  • 'Equalize Energy Settings'
  • 'Equalize Shields'
  • 'Augment Forward Shield'
  • 'Augment Rear Shield'
  • 'Augment Left Shield'
  • 'Augment Right Shield'
  • 'Transfer Energy Laser->Shield'
  • 'Transfer Energy Shield->Laser'


  • 'Enter Subspace (End Mission)'
  • 'Increase Time Compression'
  • 'Decrease Time Compression'
  • 'Toggle Auto Pilot'
  • 'Cycle Nav Points'
  • 'Toggle Gliding'
  • 'Toggle Auto Speed Matching'
  • 'Toggle Auto Targetting'

Multiplayer Only

  • '(Multiplayer) Message All'
  • '(Multiplayer) Message Friendly'
  • '(Multiplayer) Message Hostile'
  • '(Multiplayer) Message Target'
  • '(Multiplayer) Observer Zoom To Target'
  • '(Multiplayer) Toggle Network info'
  • '(Multiplayer) Self Destruct'

Allowed Keys

  • Not all keys are checked by FSO for key bindings, so some of these may not work.
  • List coppied from controlsconfigcommon.cpp and edited to make readable.
  • Must use the string below (without quotes).
  • List of keys