Crisis in Capella

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Two classified GTVI transports are making their way to Gamma Draconis, Alpha wing is ordered to protect them.

You have been chosen for a special assignment in the Capella system. Shivan forces have engaged a convoy of transports, operating under the command of Galactic Terran-Vasudan Intelligence. The Alliance has deployed the GVD Psamtik to assist, but the destroyer will require several minutes to reach Capella. In the meantime, we need you to protect the convoy.
This convoy consists of two transports, the Deliverance and the Stevedore. The GVC Adamant is their only escort. Details of this operation are to be released on a need-to-know basis, and the cargo on board these transports is classified Level Upsilon. Ensuring that these ships reach the jump node is your primary objective.
The Shivans have deployed the SCv Balam and the SC Armaros. Do not engage either of these warships. The Psamtik will contend with them upon its arrival. Be sure to give both ships a wide berth. Their beam cannons and flak guns could easily vaporize your fighter.
Your directives are clear and we expect you to follow them. Eliminate enemy bombers first, then destroy the fighters. Maintain close proximity to the convoy. We must get those transports to the jump node. All other objectives are secondary.


Load up on a GTF Hercules Mark II with Subach and Maxim, with missiles of your choice, as they don't really matter.

Immediately upon entering, call in Beta wing, and order them to protect one of the transports, and Alpha to protect the other. After that afterburn forward and fire Maxim rounds into the SC Armaros, it will go down quickly. Then concentrate your firepower on the three beam cannons of the SCv Balam, and, if you can, its flak and blob turrets. This will allow the Adamant to take it down, and give you the kill, don't fall too far behind the transports, however.

If the transports begin taking damage, or if they get too far away (apx. 2,500 meters) forget about the Adamant and close your distance, in general your wingmen can protect the transports with suprising competence. Use the Maxim as a anti-bomb cannon, it can take out ordnance at 3,500 meters, and ships with damaged shields as well. When the Argos jump and the Adamant (or the GVD Psamtik if the Adamant is destroyed) destroys the Balam, you'll receive orders to return to base and end the campaign.


If you destroyed the SC Berich in the previous mission, you will have the GTF Perseus fighter available. You might want to consider using it.

If you feel self-confident, but still like you're in need of more firepower, you can deliberately fire on any one of the transports until its hull integrity drops below 50%. Command will then automatically deploy Delta wing. While Delta wing only consists of two GTF Hercules Mark II fighters, they do help. Order them to protect the transport you nearly blasted into oblivion. If you do this right at the beginning, you can almost completely forget about the transports for the remainder of the mission. With three wings protecting them, you will need extremely bad luck to lose either one of them as they majestically stave their way to the node. Thus, you can completely focus on disarming the Balam and let the transports take care of themselves.

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