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The DF Firehawk


Tech Room Description

Firehawk class of Drazi light warships is an upgrade from the Sunhawk class, boasting a more powerful engine system which makes the Firehawk even faster and maneuverable than the older Sunhawk. Like Sunhawks, Firehawks do not have jump capability which makes them even more dangerous in combat than other ships of similar size, because all power is available to weapons and engines. Drazi Firehawks are capable of carrying a single Sky Serpent into battle.

Veteran Comments



Type Gunship
Manufacturer Drazi Freehold
Maneuverability n/a
Max Velocity 45 mps
Max Afterburner Velocity n/a
Armor Very Heavy
Hitpoints 34000
Length n/a


Turret Mounts/Position Standard Loadout
1st n/a Drazi Medium Pulse
2nd n/a Drazi Medium Pulse
3rd n/a Drazi Medium Pulse
4th n/a Drazi Medium Pulse
5th n/a Drazi Light Beam
6th n/a Drazi Light Beam
7th n/a Drazi Light Beam
Compatible Primaries