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Celestial Information

  • Name, meaning and Constellation: Alpha Cygni, Cygnus. The name "Deneb" is derived from dheneb, the Arabic word for tail, from the phrase ذنب الدجاجة ḏanab ad-dajājah, or tail of the hen.
  • Other name(s) and meaning: Arided, Aridif, Gallina, Arrioph(derived from Aridf and Al Ridf, the hindmost), Os Rosae(Latin for mouth/beak/face/head of the rose, Rosemund(German name), Uropygium(the parson's nose), 天津四 (Chinese for the Fourth Star of the Celestial Ford).
  • Distance from Sol: 1600 ly, 491 pc
  • Type of System: Singular
  • Color: A2-White Super Giant
  • Right Ascension: 20h 41m 25.917s
  • Declination: +45° 16' 49.31"

Known planets

Important Events

  • 2335: The GTD Galatea is destroyed by the Lucifer.
  • 2335: The first Battle of Deneb occurs between the Lucifer fleet and a joint Terran/Vasudan force.
  • 2335: The SD Lucifer travels to Vasuda through subspace from Deneb and launches a devastating surprise attack. Following seventeen hours of bombardment, Vasuda Prime is rendered uninhabitable.
  • 2367: Second Battle of Deneb occurs over a period of at least 72 hours as the GTVA and the NTF fight for control of the system. The NTF Iceni escapes the fighting and flees to Sirius after Bosch's NTF Boadicea base is discovered and destroyed.

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