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Fighter squadron: 222nd Nightwolves

Description: The Sol Expeditionary Force, under Admiral Bei Wen Jian, prepares to jump through the Sol Gate and re-establish contact with humanity's long-lost blue planet: Earth.


In the wake of the second Shivan incursion, an economically and philosophically shattered GTA focused its energies on a single mammoth undertaking - the return to Earth. As the Vasudans prospered and flourished, mankind clung to the hope that a return to Terra might usher in a new golden age.

That dream now stands on the threshold of realization. After a series of classified probe deployments into Sol, the 14th Battlegroup, under the ultra-modern GTD Orestes, has been ordered to establish formal contact.


This mission is a cutscene.


  • Every ship in the Sol Expeditionary Force appears throughout the remainder of the campaign.
  • Examination of the mission file will reveal that both the Fortune and Solace have the designation "GTFR" in front of their names, despite their ship class being the GTL Anemoi. This may be a holdover from earlier versions of this mission.
  • There are three Faustus-class science cruisers in this mission for aesthetic purposes. Hence, they were not given names.

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New equipment

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