Destruction of Capella

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the following storylines:

  • FreeSpace 2

The Destruction of Capella is the final series of events which ended the Second Great War. The war was ended when a group of Sathanas juggernauts utilized their forward weapons to cause the Capella sun go supernova. The supernova destroyed the entire system with all ships present.

After the GTD Aquitaine escaped the nebula, the war was completely focused around Capella. The 70th Blue Lions elite squadron successfully evacuated the 3rd Fleet Headquarters which was incessantly under assault by Shivan forces. The GTD Messana was assisting, providing space for all the survivors. The destroyer was also attacked. Command agreed that the station should be destroyed, so the self-destruct systems were initiated.

Over 80 juggernauts were spotted mustering around the Capella sun, powering up a weapon of mass destruction. The only option for Command was to evacuate as many civilians as possible, using the bulk of the remaining fleet to defend them against the Shivans. A plan to stop the Shivan advance was formulated: Learning the side-effects of the engagement with the SD Lucifer in subspace during the Great War, two Orion-class destroyers, the GTD Bastion and the GTD Nereid were fully equiped with Meson bombs. Their mission was to start the jump towards and outside Capella and self-destruct, collapsing the jump nodes leading out of the system. The mission was started.

Meanwhile, near the Capella-Gamma Draconis jump node, a large group of Allied warships were mustering, engaging and destroying incoming Shivan warships. They successfully prevented the Shivans from reinforcing their fleet at high cost. The damaged GTVA Colossus was also assisting, taking care of ships which slipped away from the main attack force. The culmination of the battles were when a Shivan juggernaut seceded from the other juggernauts gathering around the Capella sun and attacked the Colossus. The captain of the Colossus denied direct orders to withdraw, intending to win time for the GTD Bastion until she completed her assigned task. The Colossus was destroyed and all fighters, along with the Blue Lions were diverted to the location of the Bastion.

The Bastion had been severely damaged and her escorts were sapped by the time the Blue Lions arrived. The Shivans launched heavy attacks and inflicted even more damage to the Bastion. Eventually the mission succeeded. The Bastion made the jump and sealed off the jump node.

There were still ships left to be evacuated. The Blue Lions remained in the system to defend as many incoming civilians as possible. It was during this point when the juggernauts materialized their goal. Capella became a supernova. Very few ships were fast enough to escape, most of the civilian vessels were so slow that they were destroyed when they were reached by the expanding supernova.

The few pilots escaped to Vega, without Shivans to ever follow.